Professional Collaboration - going deeper
Andy Hargreaves
More teacher leadership; more professional development; more collaboration - these are big new developments for educators in Sweden. So much has been written about the benefits of teacher collaboration, and Andy Hargreaves has contributed a great deal to that knowledge. But there is still so much more to learn about how to make collaboration better for the pupils, the teachers and the schools. What can we learn about the evidence and experience of educators in other countries, which will help school leaders in the Swedish context to improve educational practices and advance in educational attainment? Questions that school leaders need to address: What are the different ways for teachers to collaborate to improve student learning? Which ones are better or worse than the others? How do teachers collaborate differently across systems, countries and cultures? We can collaborate differently, we can collaborate better, and we must avoid collaborating badly too. Informative, inspirational and practical – this address will help school leaders to understand and engage in professional collaboration more deeply.